Yoga For Beginners, 5 Simple Must-Know Tips

Yoga has several amazing health benefits including:

  • Powerful fat burner
  • Increased energy
  • Better sex 
  • Better eating decisions
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Better posture
  • Less cravings
  • Many others

Yoga is a brilliant practice centered around breathing control, meditation, body control, and so much more.

While it can be intimidating to get started, it’s is an incredibly healthy way to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

While getting into yoga can be confusing, these simple tips will help you when getting started.

Yoga for Beginners, 5 Simple Must-Know Tips to Get Started

Tip 1 –  Avoid wrist pain using this chart.

Wrist pain is the #1 problem beginners face…

While it is the most common complaint heard in yoga classes, it is often just a result of applying pressure to the wrong area of the hand.

The key is to press down firmly into the fingers to alleviate the pressure on the wrist.

Tip 2 – Keep it simple.

Most fitness classes and workouts are centered around complicated workouts with lots of crazy movements.

While that has a time and a place, this mindset will not get you anywhere with yoga.

Focus instead on mastering the the key poses for flexibility and fat burning, not being sub par at the 1,000+ there are!

Tip 3 – Use a practice journal.

You forget 85% of what you don’t write down…

Yoga classes are filled will all sorts of little insights and “aha!” moments, because they provide amazing mental clarity...

You can also write down poses you need to work on and other yoga tips you learn along the way.

Tip 4 – Set your mat out the night before.

What better way to remind yourself of the commitment you have made than to put out your yoga mat every night. Seeing your mat every morning will act as a positive reinforcement for your practice.

You can also set it up near your front door so that you will see it every time you enter your house and every time you leave.

This is a subtle psychological trick to ensure yoga stays on your mind even when you’re feeling tired from a long day!

Tip 5 – Yoga can help you burn lots of fat!

Yoga has been proven through multiple studies to help the body burn more fat, help you eat better food, and help you control hunger cravings.

There are now dozens of studies showing how yoga can help people lose weight and that it’s one of the most powerful fat- burning workout tools on the planet (especially for women).



Always remember, the most difficult part of doing yoga is SHOWING UP.  Make sure to show up today and give your best to this workout. You deserve it!

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this article on yoga for beginners tips or have any questions!


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